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Online Petition

This Petition is addressed to the Tempe City Council urging you to "REJECT" and  "STOP" any purpose development of 1230 E. Caroline unless proper and adequate infrastruture is added to facilitate and promote a safer community and remedy current issues we face. This Petition is presented by the local residents and neighbors of this community and MAY IT SERVE AS NOTICE of our disapproval and request to be recognized on the record. We collectively have serious concerns that may raise future liability claims based on the adverse impact that approving this proposal will have on our health, safety and overall quality of life. We respectfully request the Tempe City Council members HEAR US and thoughtfully consider arguments of these community members addressing the risks and negative impacts of this proposal on our neighborhood. 

We, the undersigned, are concerned Tax Paying Citizens, Neighbors, Friends and Family of Community Residents for which this Development is planned. We IMPLORE you as our representatives to "VOTE NO" on the annexation and zoning of the subject property in question. Thank you for your consideration.

Would you like to speak at the hearings?

I sign this Petition electronically as I would with my own hand. I further pledge my agreement with this Petition, its purpose and intent of my own free will and without influence or duress.

Thank you for your support!

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